Genève Aéroport

The photo shows the "Genève Aéroport".

In 2017, 17.4 million passengers used Geneva Airport. Specialising in point-to-point flights (the airport’s function is to link Geneva to Europe’s major cities), the airport nevertheless serves a few long-haul destinations.

Energy strategy

In terms of energy strategy, the objectives set by the airport are based on cantonal and federal policies. They consist of three pillars: efficiently consuming and limiting the energy required for operations; producing and distributing energy in the most efficient possible way; giving priority to our supply of sustainable energy sources. New buildings are required by law to include one or more means of producing renewable energy. In 2017, the cumulative savings amounted to nearly 12.1 GWh for the entire site, which is equivalent to the annual consumption of 5,150 Swiss households.

Further information

Current success stories and statistics of the measures realised by this actor you can find in our annual report.